Kelly Corman - Director - Teaches Ballet, Leaps/jumps/turns, Combination classes and Competition teams

Leah Corman - Teaches Street, and Tumbling

Kathryn Gieringer - Teaches Ballet, Tumbling and Competition teams

Kayla Hauck - Teaches Baton and competition teams

Angela Bucci - Herb - Teaches Baton and competition teams

Kasey Kline - Teaches Baton and competition teams

Emily Newman - Teaches Tap

Maddie Snyder - Studio assistant 


Founded in 2009 by Kelly Corman, Rhythm in Motion Dance Company began as just a few classes taught at Ina's Gym. 

The company expanded to a single classroom studio, and now has grown into two full studios. 


R.I.M. now offers classes, competitive teams, professional performance, and the opportunity to make new friends! 

Rhythm in Motion dancers have been spotted performing on cruise ships, in Walt Disney World, at Iron Pigs and Steel Hawks games, Halloween parades, and many other extraordinary performances. 

R.I.M. alumni have continued onto Penn State University and University of Pittsburgh twirling teams, a variety of college dance teams, teaching at the college level, and majoring in dance.