Class Selection


An introduction to movement, socialization and musical awareness. This class introduces ballet, tumbling and tap, as well as dance terminology. Students are placed by age, 3-4 or 5-6


This class focuses on strengthening flexibility and tumbling technique. Students will be placed in class by age and ability. *Must be 5 years old




This class will focus on the technique and terminology of tap. Students placed according to age and ability. *Must be 7 years old

Hip Hop / Jazz Funk

Hip Hop focuses on the urban style of dance, that features isolation, and rhythmic movements, specific to hip hop. Jazz Funk builds on the foundation of hip hop and is intended for advanced hip hop students only.

Baton Twirling

An introduction to baton twirling, students placed by age and ability. *Must be 7 years old



Contemp. Jazz

This class focuses on jazz technique and terminology. Students will be placed in the appropriate class by age and ability. Contemporary jazz is open to advanced students only.


Classical ballet is open to students 7 years and older. Ballet class focuses on barre, technique, terminology, and is the foundation of all dance. Ballet requires discipline and patience. Students will be placed in classes according to their age and ability.



Pointe class is offered only to students who have demonstrated the ability and foundation to begin pointe and is at the discretion of the staff.

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*All class placement is determined by director's discretion